30 years ago, an exciting journey began for our group with the establishment of Varichem Pharmaceuticals followed shortly after by Prochem, both in 1986. Greenwood Wholesalers & Pharmacies was added to the group three years later in 1989. Our vision was to provide cost effective health solutions and personal care solutions to Zimbabwe and now to the rest of Africa.

Varichem Pharmaceuticals manufactures and markets a wide range of quality generic pharmaceuticals and related products addressing the critical, need for reliable cost effective health care products often seriously lacking in the delivery of medical care in Zimbabwe. Varichem has risen to become the largest wholly owned Zimbabwean pharmaceutical company.

Prochem has established and transformed itself into a major consumer and personal care products manufacturer in the country. Recently the company invested in new state of the art machinery for the production of skin care products, deodorants and colognes.

Greenwood Wholesalers & Pharmacies is a leading pharmaceutical wholesale supplier and pharmaceutical chain with a mandate to deliver health and beauty solutions that promote a healthier and happier Zimbabwean nation.

It is my belief that our capabilities are the combination of several factors. One, of course, is the quantity, quality, and appropriateness of the equipment and machinery that we invested in. Other factors include an enabling management structure, comprehensive systems and procedures to support the business, a sound capital structure and a culture that promotes individual accountability, demands commitment to client service excellence and rewards creativity in problem solving.

Ultimately, it is the individuals who serve our clients and customers who are our most valued resource. Quite simply, it is our people who define our capabilities and our people of whom I am most proud. They are dedicated, talented, and passionate about the service they perform and collectively they have made The Varichem Group what it is today.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce to you, our group profile to give you insight into all our business units and our plans for the future. Our group’s most profound assets, are our relationships with you, our clients, customers and suppliers, your trust and respect and we look forward to hearing from you how we can service and support your business better.

Mr Tobias Dzangare
Group C.E.O.